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Sammuel is a reanimated corpse of an Elestume sub-demi-archangel living in the Portal House. They were a project of both Michelle and Micho and came out very intelligent but very lacking in emotions.


Sammuel is a stoic and calculating person. They always put logic before feeling and value self efficiency.


Sammuel has the same facial features as they did when they were alive with few changes. They have long black hair and gray eyes. Some of their limbs have been replaced with different skin-tones giving their body a patchwork look. They always wear large aviator glasses and like to wear formal to business casual clothing.


what they do tho


go over their relationships with family and friends


Age 25-30ish /32
Pronouns They/he/it
Sexuality Aro/Ace
Height 5'5/165cm
Birthday ???/Jun 1
Species Reanimated
Location Portal House,
Status Portal House
Pricing Manager


Michelle Creator
Micho 'Sibling'
98 'Sibling'

True neutral ยท ISTJ

Favorite song: wooow
Favorite color: Black Favorite food: (Unsalted) Pretzels Diet: Is not used to eating so they're only ever snacking.

Sammuel Mathieu Liminar