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Morgan is a Seralin who was born in Leslight. When he was 5, his mother kidnapped him and fled to Seri, a Seralin settlement across the ocean in Aromis. Morgan spent the rest of his childhood in Aromis, he spoke Aromii, ate Aromii foods, and assimilated to Aromii culture.


Morgan is thoughtful and reserved, it takes a while for him to trust and open up to others. He enjoys art, especially music and photography. He is very driven by his goals even though they change often. Morgan is prone to getting extremley angry and impulsive, which contrasts how he is normally.


Morgan has a slender and tall figure. He has light skin, dark eyes, and dark hair which was blonde at birth. Morgan has only adopted a personal style after getting adopted and living in the capital. He likes wearing oversized and comfortable clothes and is always wearing at least one piece of bead jewlery that Euimiel made him.


Morgan's first job was in a butcher house on Banderbach's Joy island. He did just about every job there, from killing the stock, to packaging the cuts. After leaving the island, Morgan was entered into a private school where he takes basic courses to catch up on his education. He then picked up a part time job in another butchery just to have some spending money.


Bence was supportive and loving as a mother, and genuinley wanted the best for Morgan even though she ended up hurting him. When Morgan found out she kidnapped him, he started forming doubts and distanced himself from her.

Morgan's relationship with his dad is rocky, full of ups and downs. Their relationship was only able to get back on track after Morgan went back to Leslight.

Euimiel is Morgan's little sister who he is very protective over. They are pretty much soulmates.

After getting adopted, Morgan quickly realized that neither of his new 'parents' liked him. Palace would ignore him but Salome was much more involved in her own way. She would compete with Morgan over Euimiel and her love. Salome would try to have Morgan out of the house as much as possible and was bitter towards him overall, saying awful things, insulting his characters, and even threatening him.

Calam was Morgan's only serious relationship and they dated for about a year and a half. They share multiple common interests and went on lots of dates.


Wasn't allowed to speak Seralin when he lived in Seri and lost almost all of it, even his accent. Now he has an Aromii accent when speaking Seralin.

Age 17
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality Bi
Height 5'10/178cm
Birthday Nov 2
Species Human
Location Aromis
Status Student


Bence Mother
Praise Father
Euimiel Brother
Salome (Adoptive)
spinning planetPalace mostly ignores him. Only really his father in a legal sense.
Calam Girlfriend

True neutral ยท ISFJ

Favorite song: Don't Look At Me
Favorite color: Red Favorite food: Tofu Diet: Hates meat, especially beef and pork.

Morgani Sage Vissal