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Micho is a reanimated corpse of an Elestume sub-demi-archangel living in the Portal House. Michelle considers it her most successful experiment as it's high functioning, above average intelligence, and experiences a wide spectrum of emotion.


Micho is calculating, cunning, witty and values being in control over everything. It also puts a lot of importance on being the best in all things. It doesn't care much for the social dance of common courtesy unless there is something to be gained.

One of Michelle's goals with the reanimation of Micho was to restore its original personality which is quite different from the one it has now. Before it died, Micho was awkward, pathetic, and clumsy where now it is egocentric, narcissistic, and refined. Michelle stopped putting so much effort in getting Micho back to how it was since it works more effiecently and makes considerably less mistakes, even though it's harder to get it to cooperate.


Micho was modelled by Michelle to look like how it looked when it was about 30 before it died. Micho embodies the Elestume beauty standard with 4 arms, 4 dark eyes, dark hair, sharp teeth, and pointed ears. Micho has light skin and keeps its hair short. It has multiple scars across its body which has become Michelle's artistic signature for her projects. Micho is very invested in its looks and keeps an extensive skin, nail, and hair care routine. It also has a strict diet and exercise regime and maintains the same weight and good health. Micho usually wears Elestume style clothing and lab gear. Micho enjoys wearing shiny black high-heeled boots and minimal accessories.


In the Portal House, Micho spends most of its time in a lab as Michelle's lab assistant. Micho also works on its own independant projects which mostly involve reanimation.

At some point, Micho was put in charge of one of Michelle's experiments, 98. They had a full sense of emotion but they were physically dysfunctional. Many of their organs functioned poorly and their skin rot quickly. Micho would take care of 98's surgeries, replace parts, and conduct check-ups. Eventually Micho started to do its own thing and started intentionally harming 98. If Micho felt 98 talked too much, it'd cut out their vocal chords. If Micho got tired of draining 98's stomach, it would cut it out or remove their teeth and tongue so they couldn't eat in the first place. The last straw was when Micho put ninety-eight different parasites into 98's body. 98 almost died within a day but Michelle was quick enough to notice and had to completley disassemble 98 and replace almost all of their body. After this, Micho was suspended and lost all access to lab equipment. spinning planetNgl, idk what Micho does after this


Most people who live in the Portal House tend to avoid Micho because its unpleasant to be around for most people. Micho only has positive relationships with Michelle and Sammuel. Michelle is Micho's creator and it sees her as its supervisor and collegue. They often get into light banter even on topics unrelated to work.

Micho and Sammuel have developed a sibling like relationship with eachother, both being reanimated Elestume angels and Sammuel being Micho's first big project, it feels like a guardian to Sammuel. They are both pretty similar so they get along well. Both are logical and put reason before feeling. They bond over learning and feeling irritated by those around them.

Micho hates 98 and only sees them as an obstacle. Nothing about 98 is appealing to Micho. Their body is constantly rejecting itself, their stitches never heal, they talk too much, they inconveniece Micho, and yet they still beat Micho in the emotions department which Michelle places the most emphasis on and everyone else adores 98 while Micho is ostracized.


Micho is extremley far-sighted but it can see further than normal in crystal-clear image.

Age 84/ 47spinning planetOriginally died at age 84 and was living as a reanimated corpse for 47 years.
Pronouns It/its
Sexuality Aro/ace
Height 5'10/178cm
Birthday July 23
Species Sub-demi-archangel
Location Portal House,
Status Surgical


Michelle Supervisor
Sammuel 'Sibling'

Chaotic evil ยท ISTP

Favorite song: Fargo
Favorite color: Red Favorite food: Spinach Diet: Eats a very textbook balanced and healthy diet.