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Michael is the sole Seraph of the Liminar System. He played a huge role in establishing it and is guardian over the stars and a protector of life.


Michael is very outgoing and thrives off of being surrounded by others. He is earnest, responsible, and personable. He is respected for his leadership skills and honesty. On the other hand, Michael gets jealous quickly. Seeing others getting more attention or love is something he struggles with, though he doesn't let it show easily.


Michael is extremley tall with dark skin and bright white hair and eyes. On his head, he has a set of small wings. He can't use them to fly and generally avoids flapping them so he won't get headaches. Through his third eye, Michael can see non-physical things in the physical space like energies, spirits, manifestations, and thoughts. It is smaller than his other two eyes and can change appearance (voluntarily and involuntarily). Michael usually wears white and gold and has gold markings on his body and golden finger-tips and palms.


As the Seraph of the Liminar System, Michael did a lot of the heavy lifting in the early days. He built the Portal House and was the first to hollow out some of Pellebant so the people could could find respite from the scorching sun. Michael also specializes in the construction of portals. Michael was also the first to bring an outside planet into the Liminar System, that being Lestri. Nowadays Michael focuses on maintaining and creating portals while also keeping the order of the cosmos.


Michael is the closest with his father, Adam. Though Michael sees a lot of flaws in him, he enjoys spending time with him the most.

Michael gets along with all his siblings. There are some playful fights with some siblings more than others like Michelle and Baby Cakes but the love is still there.

98 is one of Michael's favorite people since they are fun to be around and he absolutley adores them. Michael feels some feelings of jealousy around 98 though because one of Michael's shortcomings is that he can't create life like Michelle and Adam can. 98 calls Michael papai and Michael calls them 'thing' which has become a pet name in a weird way.

The only people Micheal seemingly can't get along with in the Liminar family is Micho, Emmanuel, and Sammuel. Micho used to torment 98 which made Michael extremley furious. Emmanuel is rude to others which Michael does not agree with and mistreats Mathieu. Sammuel is extremley reserved and has expressly stated that he is completley uninterested in having any sort of relationship with Michael so he doesn't even try.


Can see all colors beyond the normal human spectrum.

Uses his head wings to hide his face when sleeping.

Age ???
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality Aro/ace
Height 7'5/226cm
Birthday October 1
Species Seraph
Location Portal House,
Status Knight of the


Adam Father
Michelle Sister
Baby Cakes Sibling
Milk Brother
Ballad Sister
Mathieu Brother
A'sta Brother
A'cien Sister
98 Nibling
Sammuel Nephew

Chatotic good ยท ESTJ

Favorite song: BEST INTEREST
Favorite color: Gold Favorite food: Lonely stars Diet: Eats a few stars every week and not much else.

Michael Liminar