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Hi i just need some space to write out my thoughts on this and i want it somewhere on the site. So i want to talk about the Liminar System and gender. Since i am the creator of the Liminar System, and i do plan on living there eventually, i get to make at least some of the rules. I’ve given all of my characters pronouns but i think in reality, there’s no such thing as being a boy or being a girl. No one cares if someone switches styles or has multiple. It’s seen the same as curling your hair one day then straightening it the next. They don’t have a word or term for transgender or gay etc. Gender associations do not exist in the Liminar System. I only gave them pronouns and sexualities because i feel if they had the misfortune of living in our world, those would be the ones they’d resonate with.


My eyes are fried from blue light. I think about CSS when i'm on the toilet. I am so hungry but it's so hard to stop. I finished the gallery pages and i am so proud of myself. Going to add it to the home page and then move onto something else. Probably more whos. Omg, i'm going to take care of myself now, goodbye future me. Oh tell me, what am I going to eat? (Pizza and fries which you burnt, then they made your skin feel super oily and you felt gross but full :] )


First thing first: i shared the website for the first time, omg scary. After that, I've been pretty productive! I've written some info for some whos and styled their pages. I worked on a gallery page but there were too many images and they kept breaking so i separated them by months. I'm trying my best to design it in a convenient way. OMG i FINALLY reworked the gallery columns and now I can choose the order of the images displayed so i don't have to deal with just vertically placed images! I tried my best with flex grids and wraps but it wasn't what i needed so i went with something a little less convenient for me (like reordering to add new photos is hell), still happy though. Erm i think that's all ^^ I love these little people who live in my head, they're so much fun and i wish everyone could see that. I STILL need to work on the wheres but i can't bring myself to, ugh. I think i have a rough sketch for a layout though somewhere... maybe tomorrow, but i have work, but i'm working on this after work. Idk, i'm wiped, good night.


Character pages have been reskinned 😵🤪 I didn't add much more info to them though. Also went through the calendar page and that's great. next isss uhhhh this one andddd ummm oh i have to work on a gallery page.


I redesigned the home page! It looks a lot better than before imo. I need to do the character pages next. Umm.. unrelated but I have a scholarship deadline due in 4 days and idek what a FAFSA is LOL!


Trying to completley remodel this site, I actually hate looking at it.


im eatin popcorn. stuck in my teeth


I have MOSTLY worked out the calendar page BUT if you rotate your phone landscape the entire website gets messed up and i 😭😭 oh wait, i just did it and it's fine HAHA ok. Anyways i am pleased with the calendar page considering all the trouble it took me to get it to look how it does, and i'm happy it looks good on mobile, both ways apparently! There are still a lot of gimmicks and kinks though, hopefully i can sort them out soon. One of my biggest struggles with the site is making it look good on mobile, and making things responsive, it's just lots of guessing since i don't fully understand how it works. Also, i need to learn Javascript soon, cus it's starting to hold me back, there are a few things i'd like to do but can't since i don't know how to use js. whatever! The plan for tomorrow is to work on the wheres, today i had a lot of ideas for developing Banderbach Island, but i don't have a page set up for it to put the info down soo yea getting at least a skeleton for the wheres is a priority. Also putting in the info for the whos. I know i have all the info in my head but i am so lazy when it comes to typing (except here it seems) or maybe i am scared of commitment but i could always change things, nothing is set in stone until it happens anyways. It's only 9:27pm right now but i've been working for a whilee and i'm starting to get tired so i might pack it up for the day or maybe i'll work on some whos if im bored and awake. no rest for the wicked! sooner or later, this will be grand!


I just finished working on the calendar page and omg, it was soo boring. I made so many mistakes too haha, including always spelling calendar as calandar before correcting it. I'm so tired of the calendars, why cant i get responsive calendars that go horizontally. I thought i was done but there's always something geez.


Many thoughts being thunk right now. Holes are being patched and roles are being fulfilled. It's really just on me to wrap it up and presnt it somehow, or at least start. I've been thinking that i want it to be presented in a way which follows each person individualy and where you would only know what that person knows. So, you basically are the character, in you will be surprised when they are and you figure things out together. Or a fly on the wall kind of narrator but maybe not, but maybe. Anyways, lots of uncertainty. And im trying to think of a time system, and im having trouble with that. I was thinking of doing something inspired by the bible, in how its multiple books contained in one, in chronological order. I was thinking of naming my first chapter genesis but i think thats too much haha. I'm going for 'initium' instead. Initium is a point of time where i will begin narrating. And after everyone's initium has been recorded, we move on the next. The issue is that i dont know how long initium is, and i dont know where everyone was or what they were doing or what the political or social climates of the lim system were. I suppose i just have to figure it out!


I havent visited this site in a while! But i got super interested/infatuated with the liminar system again. I've mostly been making a lot of sketches. I feel like if i deleted instagram for a week, the entire story would be written out but nahhh. Anyways, i've been thinking about the liminar system a lot! I have a ton of new ideas and the story has taken a completly different turn from before. I hope when i organise the stories to be presented, i can execute it in a way that messes people up. I want it to be brilliant.


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