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Mathieu is a dominion living in the Portal House on Pellebant. He is known for being good with kids of all species, hence his title is the Caretaker.


Mathieu is very patient and rarely gets angry, but he gets sad easily. One of his greatest joys is being around children and helping them learn something new. He never forgets the kids he meets and can recognize them even when they are fully grown. He always follows through with any promises made to others and often goes the extra mile, regardless of whether or not he expects the favor to be returned. He can be close-minded, however, and is quick to give things black & white labels.


Mathieu, like the other Pillars, has bright white hair with black in it. Unlike other Pillars, though, he doesn’t have the signature black hands and feet. New people might mistake him for just a human and are surprised to find out he is actually a Dominion. Mathieu is usually wearing casual home dresses and slippers and large earrings.


Mathieu is in charge of the Nursery and Hatchery in the Portal House where he occupies divine eggs and hatchlings. Eggs always hatch and grow healthy under his care. He also spends a lot of time in the Portal House daycare to take care of the kids that are there.


Mathieu and Adam used to be extremely close but they got into a big argument over something important and their relationship never fully recovered so now it's just awkward.

Mathieu gets along with all his siblings but he has insecurity issues which get in the way of these relationships, mostly with his other Pillar type siblings, A'sta and A'cien. As a Pillar type Dominion himself, Mathieu is lacking. He can't do half of the things which make Pillar types Pillars so he doesn't fit in and has trouble coming to terms with that. Mathieu has never really developed a deep relationship with A'sta or A'cien because he just feels inferior around them. Their interactions are often awkward and rushed.

Mathieu used to take care of Sammuel when it was first reanimated and Mathieu became attached to it since he nursed it to health and it would continue living in the Portal House after the care period was over. Sammuel was also the first thing Mathieu got to name.
Sammuel is very reserved and doesn't see Mathieu as family which Mathieu just accepts as part of his personality. Sammuel will indulge Mathieu in some conversation sometimes which keeps him happy.

Most of Mathieu's energy is spent on his son Emmanuel. Mathieu desperately loves him and devotes most of his time to him. Emmanuel suffers with a lot and seeing his pain makes Mathieu depressed. He wishes he could take all his pain away and blames himself as the reason why Emmanuel goes through so much. Mathieu endures a lot to keep Emmanuel smilling and doesn't mind taking care of all the trouble he gots into.


The only Pillar type dominion that isn't a starlugger.

Age ???
Pronouns He/they
Sexuality Aro/ace
Height 5'3.5/161cm
Birthday info
Species Dominion
Location Portal House,
Status The Caretaker


Adam Father
Michael Brother
Michelle Sister
Baby Cakes Sibling
Milk Sibling
Ballad Sibling
A'sta Brother
A'cien Sister
Emmanuel Son
Sammuel Son

Chaotic neutral · ENFJ

Favorite song: wooow
Favorite color: Light Pink Favorite food: mmmmyum Diet: Has no eating restrictions but unlike other Pillar type Dominions, he gets sick after eating stars. Overeats often.

Mathieu Liminar