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After catastrophe struck and wiped out almost all of the world’s population, the Church of Doniis commissioned the arrival of a savior from the spirits of Pneumas. This savior was a half human half spirit named Lorel’O’Shea. He is beloved and cherished by the Church. His role is to help reestablish the Church of Doniis and bring prosperity into the land. From birth he became the prince of Doniis and the spirit head of the Church. He serves as a messenger between the human world and the spirit world, the domain of Pneumas.

They go by the names Lorel'O'Shea, Lorelei (most commonly used to refer to them) and O'Shea.


Lorelei has a laid-back personality. He's very extraverted and loves being around people. He enjoys joking around a lot and it shows even when he is working or gets serious. He is known to avoid talking about himself but likes talking about the way of the world, science, history, literature, all of that. On his free time he likes to learn and teach others. Some of his hobbies include reading, playing instruments, yoga, and going on walks.


Usually Lorelei is wearing special garments designed by his spirit custodians and lots of gold. He has a gold septum piercing, dolphin bites, and a middle tongue piercing.

On most days Lorelei has between 1-8 red circles on his face. He claims he does not paint them on and that they show up in his sleep. They do not wash off. When a circle is over Lorelei's mouth, his usually black tongue becomes a normal color, when they are over his eyes, they become a purplish red color. On days there is only a single red circle over his forehead, Lorelei is said to be calmer and more docile. When there are only 2 circles on his cheeks, Lorelei is said to be extra talkative, but mean. These are just the observations of those who have spent a long time with him.


From birth Lorelei became the Prince of Doniis and Spirit Head of Church. His role as Prince of Doniis is mostly to serve as the face of the planet and work towards its future. He meets with different world representatives and colony leaders to discuss plans towards prosperity. He comes up with ideas and communicates the suggestions and ideas from the spirits. He also manages taxes which are offerings made to the church. Having access to the resources of the spirits gives special ability to collect offerings from people across huge distances, even beyond the planet to his Seralin followers. This is done through a transfer system by converting the material value of an offering to an equal value of spirit currency which can easily be gathered in one spot. From there, that spirit currency is materialized to wherever it needs to go in the physical world. In this way, a Seralin living on any planet other than Doniis can make an offering at their local church and it can be collected and brought to Doniis where it is needed. This is how Doniis gets most of its food. Lorelei also performs spiritual acts for the people he comes by. This includes things like divination, fortune telling, exorcisms, cleanses, mediation, and more. Lorelei is responsible for rebuilding and reforming the Church in ways to gain the people's trust again. He uses help from the spirits to do this.


Lorel'O'Shea often says his family is made of spirits who rule over Pneumas' domain. He is sometimes also heard talking to them in the physical world. They sometimes manifest themselves physically as people, shadows, animals, or not at all. Lorelei does not share the details of this side of his family to the humans around him.

Sometimes Lorelei goes to visit his biological mother, Uma, a priestess of the Church who lives in the main Church in Almar Qan. He looks almost exactly like her, save for a few things. Uma has offered herself to birth Lorelei as an act of service but they do not have a mother-son relationship. Sometimes she wishes for a normal and loving relationship with him and actually feels tortured by his visits for she loves him, knowing she can't love him as her son but as her god.

Lorelei regularly travels from church to church where he stays in for a while before moving on to the next. Lorelei has stayed in the church of Narine for farrr longer than he's ever stayed in any others though. This church has a high population of people closer to Lorelei's age and lots of spiritual activity from spirit-speakers among them is Callahan and Judas. They stood out because of their boldness, considering most people get nervous or robot-stiff when in the presence of the planet's prince and future. They both approached him with friendliness before admiration and for once Lorelei wasn't the only one making jokes. Romantic feelings began to form between Callahan and Lorelei and their relationship built on from there but in secret. It started with spending more time with each other than anyone else, then holding hands and tender hugs and kisses. At some point, Callahan would spend the night in Lorelei's room and though they're not 'official' or 'public,' they stopped trying to hide it so much except from the elders.

Callahan is very indulgent in the relationship and Lorelei is very giving. They get along very well and in their relationship they are on equal standing despite O'Shea being prince. All of their affection is shown in private and is barely elluded to in front of others.

Judas has also developed romantic feelings for Lorelei but it is unrequited. Even though Lorelei knows about these feelings, he continues to be friends with Judas while letting him know they won't date.


Lorelei is gifted with many powers like superhuman strength and clairvoyance. There have also been accounts of Lorelei seen flying or levitating but he won't elaborate on whether he actually can or can't.

Lorel'O'Shea has been seen late at night where his face is red and covered in eyes. Lorelei insists these were just hallucinations caused by spiritual stress.

The Church decided Lorelei is to always be dressed 'loudly.' Since he wears lots of beads, this is usually covered, but there are bell accessories he has to wear if he doesn't make noise when moving. Only when he is about to go to sleep, can he enjoy some quiet.

Won't answer to Shea alone for whatever reason.

Age 25
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality (Panrom) Ace
Height 5'6/168cm
Birthday March 13
Species Human/spirit
Location Doniis
Status Prince, Head
of Church


Pneumas Spirit Mother
Rofanimus Spirit Father
Uma Human
Callahan Partner
Judas Friend

True neutral · ENFP

Favorite song: 1000 doors (inst.)
Favorite color: Tan Favorite food: Fufu Diet: Does not eat a lot because he is fasting most of the time. Vegetarian.

Lorel'O'Shea Doniis
My husband o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o