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Loreel'O'Shea is a half-human half-spirit sent to be the savior of Donixx after catastrophe struck and wiped out almost all of the planet’s population.


Lorelei has a laid-back personality. He's very extraverted and loves being around people. He is known to avoid talking about himself but likes talking about the way of the world, science, history, and literature. Some of his hobbies include education, reading, playing instruments, yoga, meditating, and going on walks.


Usually Lorelei is wearing red, black, white, and gold. He has gold dolphin bites, septum, smiley, and a middle tongue piercing. He also has back dimple and bellybutton piercings.

On most days Lorelei has between 1-9 red circles on his face. They show up in his sleep and do not wash off. The placcement and number of these spots affect his mood and behavior. For example, on days there is only a single red circle over his forehead, Lorelei is calmer and more docile. When there are only 2 circles on his cheeks, Lorelei is extra talkative, but mean.


From birth Lorelei became the Prince of Donixx and Head of Church. His role as Prince is to bring prosperity to the planet using help from the spirits. Lorelei is responsible also for rebuilding and reforming the Church in ways to regain the people's trust. He acts as a messenger between the human-world and the spirit-world. Lorelei also performs spiritual acts for his followers. This includes things like divination, fortune telling, exorcisms, cleanses, and mediation.


Lorel'O'Shea's family is made of the spirits who rule over Pneumas' domain. He is sometimes heard talking to them in the physical world. They sometimes manifest themselves physically as people, shadows, animals, or not at all. Lorelei does not share the details of this side of his family to the people around him.

Uma, Lorelei's biological mother, offered herself to deliver Lorelei as an act of service but they do not have a mother-son relationship. He looks almost exactly like her, save for a few things. She feels tortured by his visits because she knows she can't love him as her son but as her god.

Lorelei regularly travels from church to church where he stays for a while before moving on to the next. He has stayed in the church of Narine for farrr longer than he's ever stayed in any others though. There are more people closer to Lorelei's age here compared to the other churches. At Narine he met Callahan and Judas. They stood out because they didn't get nervous around Lorelei and treated him as their peer, putting friendliness before admiration so for once Lorelei didn't feel alienated.

Lorelei and Callahan started to develop romantic feelings for each other. Callahan is very indulgent in the relationship and Lorelei is very giving but they keep their relationship private.

Judas also has romantic feelings towards Lorelei but it is unrequited. Even though Lorelei knows about these feelings, he continues to be friends with Judas while letting him know they won't date.


Age 25
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality (Panrom) Ace
Height 5'6/168cm
Birthday March 13
Species Human/spirit
Location Donixx
Status Prince, Head
of Church


Pneumas Spirit Mother
Rofanimus Spirit Father
Uma Human
Brandy Best Friend
Callahan Partner
Judas Friend

True neutral · ENFP

Favorite song: 1000 doors (inst.)
Favorite color: Tan Favorite food: Fufu Diet: Does not eat a lot because he is fasting most of the time. Vegetarian.

Lorel'O'Shea Donixx
My husband o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o