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Aromis Academy of Royal Occupations is the official Royal Academy



Student Life

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriatley and tastefully when on campus. School-hours uniform guidlines are as follows and may be alters by any administrator as seen fit:


  • Students must wear a solid white or navy blue full-length collared shirt. Shirts may be worn with a maximum of 1 unbuttoned button from the botttom unless buttons do not span the entire length of shirt. Shirts may be long or short sleeved.
  • Students may wear additional full-length tops only in navy blue above their collared shirts. They should not be heavily patterned or accented with bright colors (minus white).
  • School-approved tops: Knit vests, Blazers, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Cardigans
  • Bottoms

  • Students must wear school-approved khaki colored bottoms with a maximum of 2 pockets.
  • School-approved bottoms: Full-length fitting pants (Skinny, Straight, Boot, Flared), Shorts (Turn-up, Chino, Pleated, Capri), Skirts of any appropriate length (Pleated, A-Line)
  • Length of skirts and shorts must be at least to midpoint between hip and knee.
  • Accessories

  • Students must wear black closed-toe shoes.
  • No canvas shoes.
  • Students must wear neutral-colored socks no shorter than ankle socks.
  • Socks may not be accented with bright colors (minus white) and any patterns must be formal.
  • Any bags brought into the academy must be a neutral color.
  • No canvas bags.
  • Accessories are not to be excessivley bright or saturated.
  • Hats are prohibited within the buildings.
  • Students are not to wear heavy accessories.
  • Max 2 neck accessories. No scarves.
  • Neck ties (optional) must be neutral colored or navy blue and properly tightened.
  • Max 2 decorative hair accessories.
  • Max 2 wrist accessories per wrist.
  • Max 2 finger accessories per hand.
  • Max 2 leg accessories per leg. (minus shoes and socks)
  • Max 1 waist accessory.
  • Max 2cm earrings.
  • No chest accessories.
  • Eyewear must be perscription.




The most prestigious school in all the empire. Anyone who gets in is almost guarenteed to be successful and wealthy in the future. Those students are seen as gifted and genius since it is notoriously difficult to get in if you arent the child of government officials.



OCs found here:

Addison Cologne
Euimiel Llyod Quinn
Martha Eloise Ballad