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Emmanuel lives in the Portal House under the guidance of the Caretaker, Mathieu. They were hatched from a rotten egg from the tree of life. Rotten eggs are not uncommon and are usually fed to the domestic spirit beasts that live in the Portal House. Emmanuel's egg had begun to rot after his embryo was already pretty developed (which was uncommon) so Mathieu felt as if they couldn't kill a helpless living being like that so he kept it to care of it. Adam was against this because he knew that when it grew up, the hatchling would have all sorts of serious problems, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mathieu disregarded him, and after the egg hatched, he named them Emmanuel.


Emmanuel is unpredictable in nature.
They have trouble making friends but they mean no harm (most of the time).


Emmanuel has a small figure, light skin, and white hair.
His body is covered in scars, scratches, bruises, and burns.


Emmanuel doesn't have any responsibilities whatsoever.
He doesn't do anything which he doesn't want to and Mathieu seems not to care.


Emmanuel's only relationship is with Mathieu. He is the only one who loves them. Mathieu plays a parent role in Emmanuel's life. Mathieu has an insane amount of patience and always gives the benefit of the doubt which makes him the only person able to handle Emmanuel.

Emmanuel sees Mathieu as a way to get the things they want and also recognizes that he's the only one who cares about them. Mathieu is the only person they know by name and they do display a sense of caring for Mathieu.


Emmanuel is like always throwing up. Just randomly and without trigger.

Age 18
Pronouns Any but she
Sexuality Aro/ace
Height 5'2/157cm
Birthday info
Species Human
Location Portal House,
Status Just a lil guy


Mathieu Parent

Chaotic neutral ยท ESTP

Favorite song: Homies Home
Favorite color: Pink & Red Favorite food: Erm.... Diet: Either eats way too much or way too little. Throws up 99% of what he eats (stomach problems/ eating things he shouldn't)

Used to have a tail

Emmanuel Mathieu-Liminar