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cologne clover
spinning planetballad's favorite ^u^

age 16
pronouns he/him
sexuality gay
birthday march 27th
location aromis,lestri
occupation student; toxicologist
relations martha clover
willow clover
quinn vinisala
(best friend)
euimiel valentine
(bad terms)
spinning planetthey both make efforts to avoid eachother
llyod fin(ex bf)

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Cologne Clover is a teenaged boy from Aromis. Cologne enjoys cooking as a hobby, and will only eat food made from the best ingredients and prepared in a clean way. That being said, he barely eats anything he didn't make himself.


Cologne mostly keeps to himself and he isn't particularly outgoing. Cologne knows he's important and has a tendancy to act on it which makes others think he is unpleasant to be around. He is also very loyal to the crown, praises to the king always in his mouth, ready to defile the words of anyone who has something bad to say about the monarchy.


Cologne has fair skin and distinct green hair and green eyes. His hair is usually parted and held with hairpins. Cologne usually has an unwelcoming or mean look on his face. He has high tastes in fashion and looks prim, classy, and polished. He also has braces.


He is a student at the ASTRO academy with many awards for his brilliance. He is well known among scholars and academics as the student making revolutionary breakthroughs in biology and toxicology. He spends most of his time at the academy or in lab. Cologne still takes classes at ASTRO but he also teaches biology classes. In the lab, he works on synthesising poisons and his most recent interest, genetically modifying plant seeds to grow foods that look and taste normal, while having various effetcs on the body.



Cologne is an only child who lives with his moms, martha and willow clover. He has a good relationship with both of them but is closer with martha, whom he calls mother. Cologne calls willow, mom or mum. when cologne was growing up, martha always told him to call her mother out of preference while willow liked mommy but as cologne got older it changed to mom/mum.

Cologne doesn't know of any extended family he may have, since his parents don't talk about it at all. At some point, he stopped asking about it


Cologne doesn't get along with many people but he managed to make a friend named Quinn at the academy. They met in a biology class where cologne was assist teaching and quinn was attending. They started eating lunch together and Cologne tutored Quinn sometimes. They bonded over fashion and cologne's cooking. Quinn was the first person to give Cologne a nickname, Quinn called Cologne "Col" and Cologne called Quinn "Uin."