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Here is where you will find info about the hierarchy of the Liminar System.
Different species, races, and other Liminar specific classifications of living things are also found here.

Life in the Liminar System is extremley influenced by the stars, cosmos, and the beyond, each planet to different extents. In order from which planets place the greatest to the least emphasis on the influence of the stars it goes: Elestume(7), Seralight(5), Doniis(6), Pellebent(1), T'lucin(4), Anaphis(3), Lestri(2). This impacts their cultures and views on the nature of existence. To note, Elestume, which places the most emphasis on stars, is populated by mostly archangels and Seralight, which follows second, is mostly populated by angels. Archangels and angels are only naturally found on these two planets while the rest of the planets are populated by non-divine beings. Angels and few archangels used to found on Doniis as well but they all mysteriously disappeared many millenia ago.


In the Liminar System, where you fall on the hierarchy depends on your relationships with the stars. You can not change where you fall on it and USUALLY there is no overlap but things can get blurry.


The upper-order contains the most divine classes. These are those who are extremley close with the stars and the stars with them. They are masters of fate and crafters of destiny.


Manifestation of the stars
Surya is an entity whose entire being is shared with the life-giving stars of realities past. It carries the wisdom of all things that were and will be. Can easily communicate with the stars and feel their feelings.


Cultivator of the stars
Demiurge was a self-appointed title as Adam was the first to establish the Liminar System. It's the Demiurge who organizes the astral plane and bends time and space to fit their vision. The Demiurge remains on top as he continues to enrich the System through organization and connection. Another Demiurge-exclusive role is as the creator of Dominions. All Dominions were created and nurtured by Adam.


Guardian of the stars
The Seraph is the direct heir to the Demiurge. In many ways it is just a specialized Dominion. The Seraph played and continues to play a big role in the livelihood of the Liminar System. Michael, the only Seraph, was besides the Demiurge during the birth of the System as the heavy lifter. He has many of the same abilities as Adam and is especially gifted with the construction of portals.


Wielder of the stars
Dominions are all Adam's children, directly made by him and are gifted with different supernatural abilities. They help operate the Portal House and often contribute to the Liminar System in some signifcant way. Adam has recently created a new sub-type of Dominions, Pillar types.

Pillars:Pillars have bodies made of stars and stardust and each have their own star-nurseries which they are able to access to filter through their bodies. Their connection to their nurseries also allows Pillars to shape-shift and teleport to a limited degree. A star-nursery is a collection of stars dedicated to their corresponding Pillar. They are linked together to code the nature of the Pillar's existence
Pillars: A'sta, A'cien, Mathieu

Dominions: Michelle, Baby Cakes, Milk, Ballad, Mathieu, A'sta, A'cien


The mid-order (Archangels, Angels) are also divine, being blessed by the stars they talk to the stars and the stars tell them secrets.


Manipulator of the stars
Archangels are known to be smarter, blah, and blan.

Archangels: Micho*,


Listener of the stars
Angels are known to

Angels: Praise, Nasirafi, Ivy, Devy, Olivia, Everett, Sage


The lower-order (Beloved) are non-divine beings but they can still recieve the favor of stars. This typically manifests as luck and fortune.


Gazers of the stars

Beloved: Cologne, Kelan

Known Humans: Cologne, Atlas, Aloe, Morgan, Bermuda, Callahan
Known Mermaids: Kelan, Praveen, Lahari, Pelle, Vantis, Bermuda, Galen



Spirits are neither a part of the hierarchy, a species, or race. Anyone or thing can become a spirit after death. To become a spirit, one must have died while greatly determined to live. *Note: Pillars, especially Starluggers are much less likely to become spirits since they most of the time appreciate being part of the natural cycle. There are also no dominion or above spirits since none have ever died.* Spirits cannot reproduce and a spirit can die and become a star if they have given up on everything, or if they reach complete satisfaction. *Note: The birth of Lerel'O'Shea, a half human half spirit is unprecedented and significant in threatening the order of the System.*
Known Spirits: Pneumas, Rofanimus


A Spirit-Speaker is a person fell victim to the Gateway Curse. An afflicted person's soul becomes a gateway for spirits to enter the material world through the person's voice. There are different conditions, however, depending on the person. For some people, spirits can only pass through their soul when their words are charged by specific emotions. For others it could be volume, duration, intent, specific words, etc. More often than not the cases are serious and affect quality. It only affects people living on Doniis and usually appears at around ages 14-16. The first case of Spirit Speech
Known Spirit-Speakers: Callahan, Judas, Mateo, Durin, Geo, Lani, Mathiais