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Callahan is a spirit-speaker living on Donixx. He lives in the church of Narine with a lot of other spirit-speakers around his age. His spirit-speech is very sensitive in that any sound that he makes can conjure a spirit of some sort. Because of this, he uses non-verbal communication at all times, mostly sign language. His volatile spirit-speech mixed with his frequent mistakes lead people to avoid conversation with him which makes him feel pretty lonely.


Callahan is usually very talkative and outgoing. He loves getting into deep and interesting conversation about all sorts of topics. Now that people have been avoiding him, he's been pretty miserable and bitter. He mostly stays by himself and uses writing to cope with his lonliness.


Callahan is usually wearing church uniforms and dresses. He's almost always wearing a headband just because he likes the way it looks. He has a freckled face, green eyes, reddish hair, and wears gauges.


Since Callahan is a spirit-speaker, they have to live in a church. In the church Callahan is responsible for keeping it clean and attending the services. He also has lessons to attend twice a week where he learns about spirituality, curses, philosophy, history, and other things.


After moving to Narine church, Callahan has lost contact with most of his family. Things like cell towers and postal services are a thing of the past and members of the church are rarely allowed to leave. His dad is the only one who visits him at the church though infrequently.

When Lorel'O'Shea came around, Callahan decided to take the chance to make a friend who didn't know about his reputation. They hit it off and quickly became friends. Lorelei made Callahan feel comfortable with his spirit-speech and had the unique benefit of being able to clean up the messes and quickly exorcise any spirits which did manifest from Callahan's voice. After a while they developed romantic feelings for each other. Callahan started showing physical affection first and Lorelei would reciprocate and gradually they became more comfortable with eachother to the point they would spend the night and enjoy their mornings together. Their relationship was kept private for the most part though.


His spirit speech appeared much later than with most other spirit-speakers.
He got it when he was 20 when it usually shows up around the age of 14-16.

Has a forked tongue with a super long split that makes it look like 2 tongues.

Age 22
Pronouns He/they
Sexuality Gay
Height 5'11/180cm
Birthday info
Species Human
Spirit speaker
Location Donixx
Status Church-boy


Mercy Parent
Francis Father
Lorel'O'Shea Partner
Judas Housemate
Geo Housemate
Durin Housemate
Mateo Housemate
Lani Housemate

Chaotic neutral ยท ENFP

Favorite song: Je m'amuse
Favorite color: Blue Favorite food: Mashed Potatoes Diet: Doesn't eat a lot. Allergic to peanuts.

Callahan Jirof
He's on my hit list :)