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Atlas is a citizen of Aromis. He’s diagnosed with congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP), which means he has never and can’t feel pain. He doesn’t feel temperature as much as a normal person, and can’t tell when he’s hungry or needs to use the bathroom. He got diagnosed as an infant after he got hurt but barely cried. They found that hot water, flicks, and needles did not bother him.


Atlas is carefree personified. He doesn’t know anything about nothing. He just likes having fun and laughing. He is outgoing, loud, and energetic. His world is split between black and white, good and bad. He enjoys spending time with his parents, being in nature, drawing, and watching cartoons. Despite his sunny personality, Atlas also has anger issues. When things don’t go his way, he gets angry and throws tantrums. He either locks himself in his room or goes on walks to calm down, but his caregiver stresses over not being able to properly monitor him during these times.


Atlas has platinum blonde and brown hair (the brown grows in randomly.) He has round purple eyes, big lips, and a dimpled chin.


Atlas is a home-schooled. Though he's a bad reader, he excels in history, is good at memorizing facts, and speaks Limis better than he should. Because of his CIP, the Aromii Royal Institution of Genetic Research have taken inerest in Atlas. His parents decided to enter him in a program that gives the Institute permission to perfom tests and exams (of any kind) on Atlas, in exchange for money and free housing.


Atlas has a great relationship with both of his parents. They are very close with eachother and Atlas finds a lot of comfort in them.

Monroe is Atlas' in-home caretaker assigned by the Aromii Royal Institution of Genetic Research. Her role is to make sure Atlas doesn't get hurt whether it be from his irresponsibility, or the environment. She's also an occupational therapist for Atlas and helps him learn how to recognize that he's hurt or hurting himself. She is there 7 days a week, 4 hours a day on weekdays (4-8pm) and 6 hours on weekends (2-8pm).
Atlas hates Monroe! As he sees it, her entire job is just to boss him around and tell him he can't do this and he can't do that. He is mean and petty to her and she is petty back.

Jamie is another one of Atlas' caretakers. Atlas feels that Jamie also bosses him around, telling him what he can and cannot do, but he actually likes them. They help Atlas with schoolwork and reading and they have a softer personality so Atlas aprreciates them more.


Likes EVERY flavor of ice cream (except vanilla).

Age 15
Pronouns She/he
Sexuality Pan
Height 5'5/165cm
Birthday July 15
Species Human
Location Aromis, Lestri
Status Student


Taylor Mother
Kristie Mother
Monroe Caretaker

Chaotic good · ENFP

Favorite song: Monky Mania
Favorite color: Purple & Yellow Favorite food: Marshmallows Diet: Likes sweets! (Hates vanilla flavored anything)

Atlas Bishop
I created Atlas and then created others to accompany him, and others to accompany them, thus, the entire liminar system was built around him