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Aloe Clemens
spinning planetaloe was the first person i drew from the liminar system (somewhere between july and september 2018)

aloe smiles while claspsing his hands

age mid 20s
pronouns he/him
sexuality gay
birthday September 2
location Aromis,Lestri
occupation king of Aromis
relations August Clemens
Rose Clemens
Aime Clemens
Palace Valentine

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Aloe Clemens is the king of Aromis. He is the first kin of the former royal couple and is the rightful heir to the throne, though
his inauguration is premature due to the disappearance of his father and debilitating illness that has befallen his mother.


describe what they are like

spinning planeti draw aloe's crown differently at times but its supposed to be the same crown, i just cant decide on a design or i get lazy

King Aloe has light skin and dirty blond hair. Very striking about his appearance is the crown that covers his eyes. It's a crown that has been worn by kings past yet it's stuck on King Aloe's head.


what they do tho



King Aloe didn't have many opportunities to bond with his parents due to royal affairs and education. He also never got close to his little sister either. Out of his family, King Aloe only has a relationship with his cousin Prince Aime. They are both around the same age and had the same classes. Their schedules were very similar so they saw eachother a lot and naturally became best friends. Prince Aime, being younger and quieter, would follow, then, Prince Aloe, and share interests. Their relationship got stronger as they grew up, both dealing with different unprecedents as royals.


King Aloe has a few friends among the nobility but his best friend is Prince Aime. As cousins, childhood friends, and royals, King Aloe fully trusts Prince Aime.

King Aloe's personal assistant, Palace Valentine has also been around for a while. Palace started working as the king's assisisant since he was 16 and Prince Aloe was 6. King Aloe's attitude towards Palace is more laid-back than professional but Palace keeps it formal.


  • King Aloe used to be infatuated with bugs as a kid. He enjoyed watching them like they were his subjects. He never killed them and would go into a raging fit if someone killed one in front of him
  • One of King Aloe's bachelor's is actually just one of his good friends. The King will avoid courting hours by hanging out with him and calling it a date.