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Aloe Clemens is the king of Aromis. He is the first kin of the former royal couple and is the rightful heir to the throne, though his inauguration is premature due to the disappearance of his father and debilitating illness that has befallen his mother.


Aloe's personality arguably makes him unfit to rule over a kingdom. He's had a moral decline after his family collapsed, essentially. Before he was caring, now he is irresponsible, and neglects his duty as king. He's stopped seeing his subjects as people and just sees them as subjetcs. He used to be very gallant and optimistic now he wallows in solitude for bouts of time. His humor now involves 'playing' around the with people around him. Still, Aloe is loyal, promotes unitiy, and values art. In recent years, he has been improving with therapy and counselling.


Aloe has dirty blond hair. Very striking about his appearance is the crown that covers his eyes. It's one of many crowns that were worn by kings past. On the same day his father disappeared he awoke from sleep with the crown on his head. He hasn't been able to get it off ever since. Aloe likes gold jewlery that depicts nature and takes great care to make sure he smells good.


Aloe is the king of the greatest (and only) empire on Lestri, Aromis. After the disappearance of King Alan, Prince Rowan, the king's brother would have been named king, but since the crown was stuck on Aloe's head, and Aloe was designated heir to the throne, Aloe got the title at age 15. Aloe did not want it to happen like this and communicates that in his reign.

He is not a good ruler at all, he barely makes any decisions or addresses any of the problems the kingdom has. When he does decide to do something, he is unreasonable, often resorting to threats or violence so the royal body decides to let him slack off while they handle everything. He is interested in criminal justice and spends time in different courts as judge. He is extremley strict in these courts, and almost always issues harsh punishments. They say if the king is your judge, you're as good as dead, unless he's accompanied by the prince.


Aloe didn't have many opportunities to bond with his parents due to royal affairs and education. He saw his father as a mentor and enjoyed spending time with him, but he myseteriously disappeared when Aloe was 15. His mother was a cold person and didn't pay much attention to him, then shortly after the disappearance of Alan, she got extremley ill and became unresponsive. Aloe never got close to his little sister either as she was always with their mother but Rose disappeared at the same time of their father. Aloe was esentially left alone with the new responsibility of being king as just a teenager, but he had his extended family for some guidance.

Out of his family, Aloe only has a relationship with his cousin, Prince Addison. They are both around the same age and had the same classes as kid so their schedules were very similar and they saw eachother a lot and naturally became best friends. Addison, being younger and quieter, would follow Aloe around. Their relationship got stronger as they grew up, both dealing with different unique struggles as royals. As cousins, childhood friends, and royals, they both fully trust eachother.

Aloe's personal assistant, Palace Vespa, has also been around for a while. Palace started training in the palace as a Personal Royal Assisisant since he was 16 and Aloe was 6. Aloe's attitude towards Palace is more laid-back but Palace keeps it formal. Sometimes, Aloe just talks to Palace as if they are good friends and enjoys messing with him.


Aloe used to be infatuated with bugs as a kid. He enjoyed watching them like they were his subjects. He never killed them and would go into a raging fit if someone killed one in front of him.

One of Aloe's bachelor's is actually just one of his good friends. Aloe avoids courting hours by hanging out with him and calling it a date.

Age 24
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality Gay
Height 5'8/173cm
Birthday Sept 2
Species Human
Location Aromis, Lestri
Status King


Lina Mother
Alan Father
Rose Sister
Rowan Uncle
Addison Cousin
Palace Assistant

Chaotic neutral ยท ESFJ

Favorite song: Tic Toc
Favorite color: Light blue Favorite food: mmmmyum Diet: No food restrictions. Enjoys simple meals.

Aloe Clemens
Aloe was the first person i drew from the liminar system (somewhere between july and september 2018)