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Addison is the prince of Aromis. He the first royal to have foreign blood from being half Seralin (from the planet Seralight). To avoid public rejection, he hides the parts about him that come off as Seralin or angelic.


Most people think Addison is softspoken and shy but when you get past his selective mutism, he is very talkative. He is kind, compassionate, and generous. He would do anything to help others. For this, the people of Aromis adore him. Addison isn't confrontational or demanding and some people use that, on top of his mutism, to take advantage of him.


Addison has gold rose hair which is dyed a light shade of brown most of the time (so he can look more Aromii.) He likes wearing flowy light colored clothes with gold jewlery. Hidden from the public are a pair of small wings on his back and the stars and constellations that show up on his body in random spots. They appear in his sleep and can't be washed off. Addison sees them like an acne breakout. To hide his wings, he keeps them under his shirts, and binds them flat. He wears backpacks, capes and big coats when he can. If the star breakouts cannot be covered with his clothes, or are on his face, Addison covers them with a special foundation.


Addison is a prince of Aromis as the son of a Prince & the king's cousin. The people love Addison as prince and would much rather have him as king over Aloe. Addison is also a meteorologist. He is the head of the Meteorology and Weather Association of Aromis.


Addison never had the chance to develop a relationship with his mother since she died a few days after his birth and his relationship with his father is more business than anything. Rowan is very strict with Addison so he started avoiding him and running off to Seri (his birthplace)

Growing up, Addison's only friend was Aloe. They are both around the same age and their schedules were similar so they saw eachother a lot and naturally became best friends. Addison, being younger and quieter, would follow Aloe. They shared interests and grew up under strict conditions which they bonded over. Their relationship got stronger as they grew up, both dealing with different struggles as royals. They are like one person and understand eachother on a deep level.

Addison is in a polyamorous relationship with partners, Tendai and Ivy. Tendai and Ivy live together in Seri while Addison lives in the capital of Aromis. Addison visits them as much as possible without being suspicious to those who keep an eye on him.


Addison's mutism makes it so he can only freely speak when he is around close family he's grown up with (Aloe & Rowan) and Seralins. As long as Addison knows there is even one other Aromii present, he won't be able to speak no matter how much he'd actually like to.

Addison will be able to speak as long as he isn't aware of anyone else around but if he finds out there was someone who wasn't supposed to but did hear his voice, he'll start involuntarily crying.

Addison and Aloe developed a touch-based moarse code so they can still communicate with
eachother when his mutism gets a hold of him or when they want to be secretive.

In their childhood, Addison called Aloe 'Ali' and Aloe called him 'Addi'.
They still do this sometimes (to annoy eachother.)

Aloe tries his best to avoid conversations about weather or space around Addison
because he starts talking for soooo long.

Could predict weather and natural disaters all over the entire planet since he was little.
He can also predict certain celestial phenomena.

luca, ivy, and tendai sleeping together
luca, ivy, and tendai sleeping together
luca going through it

Age 21
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality Bi
Height 5'11/180cm
Birthday Aug 7
Species Angel/Human
Location Aromis, Lestri
Status Meteorologist,


Devy (Late) mother
Rowan Father
Alan Uncle
Aloe Cousin
Ivy Girlfriend
Tendai Boyfriend

Lawful neutral · INFJ

Favorite song: ゆめうつつ
Favorite color: Light pink Favorite food: Angel cake Diet: No eating restrictions. Likes sweet things. Has been seen eating roses.

Addison Luca Clemens