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Adam is the cultivator of the Liminar System. The true nature of his existence/origins are unknown. He created the Dominions and populated Pellebant in the very early days. Now he stays in the Portal House and continues to cultivate Dominions.


Adam is a mysterious and reserved person. He enjoys observing the things around him and watching the planets.


Adam has dark skin and eyes and short bright white hair. He's usually dressed in white and gold. He likes to wear jewelry of stars and suns along with markings of stars across his body.


Adam runs the Portal House and oversees the Liminar System. He imposes certain standards across the planets like a common language and calendar. He believes people should be able to craft their own destinies and for that he chooses not to intervene in their lives.


Adam loves and is proud of all of his children. Out of them, Adam sees Michael as his best friend.

Adam adores 98, he thinks they are so cute and loves their curiosity.

Adam doesn't have much of a relationship with Sammuel, Emmanuel, or Micho. Sammuel is very withdrawn and isn't interested in family, Adam feels a little uncomfortable around Emmanuel, and Adam can't forgive Micho for hurting 98 and dislikes it.

Surya was the first person Adam had ever met. They would talk and keep each other company. Surya quickly became Adam's comfort person and would visit the Portal House to spend time with him. Nowadays, they spend more time living in the Portal House than they do wandering in space.


Adam actually gave birth to Michael. He calls his pregnancy the dark ages.

No one knows how old Adam is or whether or not he will die one day.

Age ???
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality Aro/Ace
Height 6'8/203cm
Birthday April 1
Species Demiurge
Location Portal House,
Status Cultivator


Surya ???
Michael Son
Michelle Daughter
Baby Cakes Child
Milk Son
Ballad Daughter
Mathieu Son
A'sta Son
A'cien Daughter
98 Grandchild
Sammuel Grandchild
Emmanuel Grandchild

True neutral · INFP

Favorite song: ♩♫♩♫♪♩
Favorite color: Dark green Favorite food: Rice pudding Diet: No eating restrictions. Doesn't eat too much. Has been seen eating stars.

Adam Liminar