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A’sta is a Piillar type dominion and a starlugger of the Liminar System. He lives by, “work hard, have fun.”


A’sta lives a carefree lifestyle for the most part. He still works hard though, seeing as his job is very taxing. A’sta isn’t one to complain or whine. He is always laughing and smiling while making someone’s day. He’s outgoing, personable, and reliable which makes him popular with the people around him.


A’sta has light skin apart from his black hands and feet, which all structures are born with. He has poofy hair that completely covers his eyes. It’s mostly white with black ends and spots. Over his body are many markings /tattoos of stars and writing, the stars he was born with. He wears earrings in the shape of stars as well. Many starluggers, including A’sta, wear really big and baggy pants with tighter tops. A’sta most of the time doesn’t wear shoes.


Being a starlugger means being able to manipulate space and rearrange celestial bodies. (Only structures can be starluggers) They do this to make sure everything is still in orbit in the Lim system and following Adam's design. A’sta is the head of the starluggers, after Michael, and reports to him everything so Michael can keep them organized. A lot of A’sta’s job is overseeing how the other starluggers work and picking up slack to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done. Another line of work for the starluggers is exploring space and looking for habitable planets to add to the Liminar system. They're very hard to find and it takes a lotttt of time so they haven’t been too concerned with this anymore.


A’sta doesn’t spend too much time at the Portal House since he works a lot so he doesn’t know everyone that lives there well, even if they are siblings.

A'sta has a really good relationship with his father. Adam was the one who taught A'sta how to use his abilities and raise him. He taught them speech and patience, compassion and cooperation. Adam provides them with whatever they need to feel comfortable when they’re at the House.

Even though Michael is his boss, they have a very friendly and laid back relationship. They make jokes together and enjoy each other’s company.

A’sta sees 98 as an annoying (/affectionate) little sibling or cousin. They are also great friends. When A’sta is back in the Portal House, they exchange stories of what’s been going on and spend a lot of time catching up while playing games together.

A’sta and A'cien are twins and also best friends! They tell each other e v e r y t h i n g and do just about everything together. They work amazingly as a team and bounce off each other so much.


A'sta and A'cien are conjoined twins by spirit.

Age ???
Pronouns Any
Sexuality Omni
Height 6'/185cm
Birthday Aug 26
Species Dominion
Location All over
Status Starlugger


Adam Father
Michael Brother
Michelle Sister
Baby Cakes Brother
Milk Brother
Ballad Sister
Mathieu Brother
A'cien (Twin) Sister
98 Nibling

Chaotic neutral · ESFJ

Favorite song: Waltz in E-Major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz"
Favorite color: Blue Favorite food: White Dwarf Star Diet: Has a huge appetite. Enjoys really hot food and stars.

A'sta Liminar