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98 was made by Dr.Michelle in the Portal House. They were made from an amalgamation of corpses and parts as an experiment. Michelle was ready to mark her 98th test as a fail, as the body deterioated and rot quickly but they expressed more emotion than any of her previous tests so she kept them. They had the option of choosing a name but decided to stick with 98.


98 is very carefree. They like to have fun whenever they can and always wear a smile :) Overall, they are a pretty happy person. 98 is not too smart like their siblings and they don't like working or being told what to do, but they still follow directions (most of the time)


98's skin (and organs) rot really quickly and turn purple-ish. Their body is always rejecting itself. 98's body is covered with a patchwork of skin tones and sensitive stitches since they get replaced so often. 98 has trouble growing hair and, so most of the time they wear a wig (they prefer lighter hair colors.) Their wounds heal extremelyyy slowly (which is why their stitches can't be removed).


Sometimes 98 runs the main desk in the Portal House as a receptionist. They welcome guests and explain the general gist of how everything works there. They explain the next steps, go over basic pricing and refer guests to different specialists when needed. They usually works the slow days since they are not a hard worker.


98's friends are their 'family.' 98's strongest relationship is with Micheal who is his uncle but 98 sees him as a father. (They call him papai.) They trust him 100% and always tell Michael everything.

After Michael, 98 enjoys spending his time with Adam, who they see as a grandpa. They like to watch Adam work and constantly barage him with questions. When Adam and Michael are together, chances are 98 is there too.

98's mom is the doctor, Michelle. She is strict with 98 and gives them a lot of rules so they think she's annoying but still love her nonetheless. Whenever 98 is having physical problems Michelle is always ready to help them. She is the one who operates on 98 whenever they need new stitches or any other surgeries.

98 doesn't spend too much time with their brother Sammuel because he is strict and no fun. 98's other sibling is Micho who they are terrified of. In the past, Micho took care of 98's health and surgeries but it played around with 98's body and ran awful experiments. Micho isn't allowed to touch 98 anymore and but Michelle separates them as much as possible. 98 is also scared of their cousin, Emmanuel but to a much lesser degree. He just creeps them out but they don't talk to or know eachother that much.

98 sees A'sta & A'cien as their big brother and sister. Though they don't see eachother a lot due to A'sta & A'cien's work, they are still great friends. They enjoy playing games with each other and tellimg stories.


Sleeps more than normal since they can't get energy from food

Eye colors always changing since they get replaced often.
Michelle has given up on trying to keep them the same colors so 98 usually has a heterochromia.

Their nails never grow.

Age ???/12
Pronouns They/them
Sexuality Aro/Ace
Height 5'/152cm
Birthday ???/Dec 20
Species Human (???)
Location Portal House,
Status Portal House


Michelle Creator/
Adam Grandpa
Michael Uncle
A'sta Uncle
A'cien Aunt
Sammuel Sibling
Micho Sibling
Emmanuel Cousin

Chaotic good · ENTP

Favorite song: ♩♫♩♫♪♩
Favorite color: Gray Favorite food: Lollipops Diet: Can't digest food so they shouldn't eat at all. They still eat despite this. They enjoy sweets the most.

98 Liminar