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May 2021

June 2021

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The drawings of Euimiel crying were drawn to American Healthcare (Glitzy) by Penelope Scott. They represent Euimiel's hardships in the healthcare system, which is the emotional baggage that comes with not being able to save everyone.

The Mathieu and Emmanuel piece (the red one from May) was made when i was super upset and that was a vent piece. Matheiu was me and Emmanuel was my imaginary cat, there to comfort me but doing a bad job.

One day i made a random drawing and i named the two characters in it Adam and Michael. A while after I had forgotten about it and i had named myself Adam as i was going through my gender crisis then i found the drawing again and saw i had named the character Adam so i just said "This is me" and just inserted myself into the story over time through him.

In May I...

  • Created Michael, Adam, Emmanuel, and Mathieu

In June I...

  • Created my first mermaid ocs (Kelan, Praveen, and Lahari)
  • Created Bermuda
  • Made Eui's hair mostly black

May-June 2021

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