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None of this website is responsive and is definetly *not made for mobile support*!
sorry if it looks weird on whatever screen resolution you're on :,[

The Liminar System is a vast place that exists on a plane sperate from yours,
home to many planets, home to many nations, home to many people.

WHO will take you to the people who live here

WHERE is under construction, it's going to explain the setting.

WHEN is under heavy constrction, there's nothing
there but you can find the calendar page through it.

GALLERY takes you to all the art i have up on the site,
it's all mine and of my OCs :]

ME is like a diary i update sometimes.

What Is This?

The Liminar System is a storyline I created which has completley dominated my life :D This site is meant to help me organize things, so I'm sorry that this doesn't make sense right now. Here is my idea: this website could be used later on as a reference when they are reading my story (whenever i decide to write it) When they get confused or forget who a character is, this is where they go to quickly answer their questions.


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Personal page: coming soon

other pages i like :3